A warm Hello to you Friend,and Welcome the Meta4our website,now how you found us,you may be wondering you read this,maybe you heard from a friend of a friend,or maybe you have been searching for,or been suggested to you,you are interested in making changes and improvements in your life,now,maybe,just maybe,you have a specific issue you want to deal with,and you are wondering if Meta4our can help to assist you,in dealing with your issues,your improvements,and changes in your life now?


Meta4our was set up in 2001 by Patrick J Brown to provide Counselling, Hypnotherapy,and Psychotherapy to,all new clients(that is me as you look up to, to your right? ).All new clients have a choice of  several short term outcome- focussed therapies,depending on their issue(s )and on their preferance(s )


Perhaps you have a  specific problem like Smoking?or unwanted Sleeping Patterns !or have Fears or Phobias?,or "I have a fear of flying,or an unfocussed problem like,why do I drink so much?why do I  do stress?or why do my relationships always fail?So what do you intend to do now?


Listed below are just a few examples of the kinds of issues Meta4our can help you with.

*  Stop Smoking

*  Sleep Problems

*  Fears and or Phobias

*  Alcohol Dependency

*  Stress

*  Panic Attacks

*  Relationships

*  Depression

*  Bereavement

*  Pain Relief

*  Lifestyle changes

*  Mood swings

*  Nail Biting

* Healing


On the following pages are brief descriptions of the types of  therapy offered,for a private consultation,or should you wish to have a question you want answering, please call .

The College Suite  Saville Chambers, College Street , Newcastle- Upon- Tyne NE1 8JG

Telephone:0191-2428299 or Mob: 07791961871.

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